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Home of the Four Passenger HUMMINGBIRD
As easy to assemble as it is to fly.

A proven four passenger helicopter with outstanding payload, long endurance, and premium comfort.

In 1987, the helicopter industry was revolutionized by the introduction of the Hummingbird 260L: the world’s first four-passenger FAA certified helicopter sold in kit form. By utilizing the design from a FAA certified helicopter, we were able to implement safety, reliability, and performance from years of proven flight time. By offering the Hummingbird in kit form, you finally have an affordable, real helicopter.

The HUMMINGBIRD Helicopter Features:

Superior Engineering
Designed to strict FAA standards.

Ample Room for Four Passengers and More
Fly four people comfortably or two people, 375 miles, with 220 lbs. of camping gear.

Proven Fuel Injected IO-540 Aircraft Engine
300 horsepower, fuel injected, air cooled helicopter powerplant, configured for 93 octane to 100LL.

Top Quality Features
The Hummingbird has features found on helicopters costing many times more including landing gear with wheels for taxiing or skids, smooth three blade rotor system, automatic rotor system clutch, and rotorbrake.

Vertical Aviation Technologies: Making the world more accessible.

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