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Another development program in our R&D department is a carbon fiber tail blade.  Made of carbon fiber and Kevlar, the tail blades incorporate a 7° twist with an asymmetrical airfoil.  The swept tip design decreases noise levels by 4 db and a nickel abrasion strip helps increase blade life to 4,000 hours.  The more efficient design has increased tail rotor authority 15% and weighs 3 lbs lighter than the previous installation.  The hub design incorporates 9° offset.  Developed in conjunction with Hertelendy & Associates, the carbon fiber tail blade assembly is now standard for all Hummingbird helicopters and is fully retrofitable on previous Hummingbirds with minor rigging changes.  We are always working hard to make available the best, most efficient and cost effective Hummingbird helicopters for our customers.  Please contact us for more information or pricing at Sales@Vertical-Aviation.com