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We are proud to annouce another engine option for the Hummingbird helicopter.  The new fuel injected IO-540 engine is manufactuered by Titan Aircraft Engines (www.titanengine.com) Over a period of one year, extensive performance, cooling and torsional vibration testing took place.  Installed at a 60 degree angle, the engine is modified to a dry sump system.  There are no crankshaft counterweights.  The entire engine installation is 80 pounds lighter than the previous VO-435 Lycoming installation. The IO-540 produces 300 h.p. and is derated to 280 h.p.  It is standard equipped with Airflow Performance fuel injection, Plane Power lightweight alternator, dual slick magnetos with retard breaker vibrator, electric and engine driven fuel pumps, Andair fuel strainer and utilizes the same centrifugal clutch and freewheel unit. Please contact us for more information and pricing at Sales@Vertical-Aviation.com